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Helen recently graduated Case Western Reserve University with a degree in nursing. Being a past Scholar, she was inspired to work with students, hoping that she would too become someone who would make their time in high school a joyful and memorable experience. Her four years as an undergrad led her through many opportunities in which she could be a mentor, tutor, and friend to both upper and under classmen. This also allowed her to view the vital role her past Schuler coaches had in her life. Although her route to being a Scholar Coach is unconventional given her major, she hopes to continue serving through nursing in the near future. For right now, she is excited and thrilled to be coming back, this time as an academic coach, for Maine East High School.

Helen loves to read, cook, clean, and listen to podcasts and music. She enjoys going to the movie theatre, finding new places to eat, and late night ice cream runs. She has also been trying to find ways to get more creative through filming and being inspired through lots of creators who love camera work. Although she owns a lot of pink, her favorite color is orange. She loves Costco - maybe a little too much.

"What is done with love is done well." - Van Gogh

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