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Prospective Scholars

It begins with an invitation

Incoming freshmen are invited to join the program by Schuler staff in consultation with faculty at partner high schools.

Potential Scholars exhibit the motivation to be exceptional.

Eligible students are invited to attend a Family Information Night, where they receive an official application to begin their unique journey to college and beyond as a Schuler Scholar.

As part of the selection process, Schuler considers a student’s need for guidance, standardized test scores, parents’ level of education, extracurricular involvement and financial need. Scholars must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Meet GPA and rank criteria (varies by school)

  • Fit at least two of the following descriptions:

    • Scholar is the first generation in their family to attend a four-year U.S. college.

    • Scholar is from an ethnic group that is typically underrepresented on college campuses.

    • Scholar needs financial assistance in order to attend college.

Dreamers Welcome

Click here to apply to become a Schuler Scholar! 

Schuler covers all costs during high school and supports the transition to college.

During the high school years, the Schuler Program is entirely free for Scholars and their families as long as the Scholar continues to meet the requirements of the program.

The cost of each Scholar’s college education varies, depending on their family’s financial need and the college selected. Family contribution is based on income and is determined by the federal government. However, Schuler helps make the transformative education our Scholars seek financially possible. Every Scholar receives a $4,000 scholarship ($1,000/year) from Schuler. Our staff also work closely with Scholars to ensure they receive the financial support they need to achieve their goals at a top college.