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We are passionate believers in this program, and it is only through the support of dedicated administration and staff at our partner schools are we able to deliver the support for students who are needlessly underrepresented at highly selective universities. We are pleased you want to be a partner with us.

Demographic Considerations

Schuler Scholar Program supports students who reflect at least two of these three qualifications:

  • Low-income family ($65K annual income threshold as a guideline, although there is some fluidity in that, depending on family size). Absolute cap of $100K for income.

  • Neither parent graduated from a four-year college in the United States (if they have an international degree, they are not using it for employment within the US)

  • Underrepresented ethnicities: African American, Hispanic/Latino, Vietnamese, Japanese, Filipino, Asian, other

All students must meet the academic considerations as well (listed below).

Academic Considerations

Within the school, we are looking for a threshold of students who qualify under the demographic considerations, who also perform well within a rigorous and advanced academic course load.

We have identified that our programs function optimally with no less than 15 students per class year and no more than 30. Selected schools must be able to demonstrate that they have a track record of students within the demographic parameters who performed within the academic parameters as well.

Previous year school performance

  • A minimum of 80 underrepresented students with A or B grades in 3 or more honors/advanced placement courses

  • A minimum of 80 of underrepresented students who graduated and matriculated to highly selective universities

  • A minimum of 100 of first-generation/low income students who graduated and matriculated to highly selective universities

Academic Program Parameters

Coursework: The school must offer academically advanced coursework that allows students to take AP exams

Mandatory offerings

  • Four years of five core subjects: English, Math, Science, Social sciences, foreign language

  • AP/honors courses in English, Math, Science (any), Social Sciences, American History, and one or more foreign language

Preferred offerings

  • AP/honors courses in non-American history, Psychology, Government, Human Geography, Economics (Macro/Micro)

Student performance on SAT/ACT exams:

  • School must demonstrate that over the past three years at least 80 students who would qualify demographically for the Schuler Scholar Program also scored in the top 75%: above a 1500 (new scoring system) on the SAT or a 30 on the ACT.

School Parameters

Within the school, we require:

  • A dedicated resource room that can house the scholars and our staff during the school day, for after-school programming (the room must accommodate up to 60 students at one time).

  • Access to student academic scores, attendance and data directly from the school’s online system

  • Liaison from the school staff who will be our point person for applications, information, informing us on curricular changes, demographic changes, or other changes that might affect our programming. This person acts as a representative of the school’s administration to maintain partnership

  • Be willing to undergo an annual review of the partnership

We provide on-site staff (up to five people) who will need to be given staff-level access to the school on a daily basis.

To find out more, please contact Joanne Bertsch