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Internships, mentorships and career opportunities

Corporate Partners

Internships, mentorships and career opportunities

Schuler’s Corporate Partners offer Scholars a variety of internships during the college years

As interns, Scholars build relationships with industry mentors, become comfortable in a corporate environment, and learn more about their fields of interest. These experiences inform and improve a Scholar’s choices as they navigate career planning during and after college. In return, Corporate Partners gain employees from diverse backgrounds with the passion and drive to succeed.

  1. Career Mentor: This is an opportunity for corporate partners to provide one-on-one coaching and guidance to an assigned college scholar or recent graduate, providing short-term support on topics such as resume and cover letter writing, networking, and interviewing.  Career mentors also provide career coaching through ongoing conversations and guidance as Scholars grow into their careers.

  2. Internships: We thrive on the direct training through internship programs our corporate partners offer, both while students are in school and in the summer after graduation.

  3. Pipeline for hiring: Career partners can post job openings to our private group of Schuler college Scholars and alumni. The Schuler Network consists of several hundred diverse, talented professionals from top colleges and organizations.