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I majored in economics and French and I never would have guessed how much a French degree would help. Being able to articulate ideas well, it's such a strong skill, from my French degree.

Schuler Scholar Alumnus Michael O’Connell talks with Jack Schuler about how much he appreciates his liberal arts degree and how it allowed him to find the position that he currently has.

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We want to give them a sense of their accomplishment, in this rite of passage.

Celebrating the success of Schuler Scholar Seniors. They’ve worked throughout high school as part of the Schuler Scholar Program, and Senior Dinner is one of the rites of passage as they progress to the next phase of their lives.

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To be able to connect with people, exposures have been really important in building my skills.

Schuler Scholar Program believes in giving Scholars exposure to multiple cultural experiences in addition to the support they receive academically. These exposures help build Scholars into well-rounded students ready for the liberal arts colleges they will attend.

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We start working with students before they go to high school, to kick off their Schuler career. We put barriers in front of them. They think they can’t do it, but they can and do.

All new Schuler Scholar inductees attend a 10-day leadership camp in Northern Wisconsin. The Scholars learn valuable lessons about themselves and each other during this foundational camp experience.

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What does rubbing two sticks together to make a fire have to do with getting a student into Princeton? Here’s the story that shows you.

Jack Schuler recounts a Scholar who was profoundly affected by her experience at Camp Manito-wish at the beginning of her experience as a Schuler Scholar. Attending camp made her believe she could do anything.

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The curator showed us 5,000 year old cuneiform tablets, medieval prayer scrolls from Ethiopia, and other incredible artifacts. I was hooked.

Allie McCormack found her career through an internship in special collections at the Newberry Library.

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“There is no way we would have had this experience without Jack.”

The story behind how Jack Schuler became the success he is and why starting the Schuler Scholar Program means so much to him.

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"Schuler let me explore what I wanted in a college."

Celebrating students as they decide which college they are going to attend.

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“You learn a lot about yourself working overseas.”

Schuler Scholar Alumna Nancy Velasco shares with Jack Schuler how her inspired her to travel the world and work at a non-profit organization.

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