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“I’m very excited to get into the healthcare industry and be a voice for my community. I don’t have access to healthcare unless I make an appointment. I want to change that.”

Joanna Renedo, a Sophomore Scholar from North Chicago, wants to get her medical degree to support her community and her culture.

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“We are constantly asked to think about what we can do to help our students and what are the challenges that are ahead of us,”

Schuler Scholar Program will expand and increase its investment for college and alumni scholarships to help on-time college graduation and post graduate opportunities.

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"We need to find ways to fix and implement changes to address undocumented immigration."

Oscar Cornejo Casares is using his life experience and education to change the way people view and talk about undocumented immigrants in the United States.

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“I’m excited to start my own path,” she said. “All my hard work has finally paid off.”

Westinghouse Senior Jayla Wheeler created her own path and achieved a prestigious, full-ride scholarship to Davidson College.

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As an undocumented immigrant, Padilla says in the film that she finds the term hurtful, dehumanizing and damaging to a community.

Oscar Cornejo, WTHS '13, Dartmouth College, '17 and other Dartmouth students led an effort to change the term "illegal alien" in their school library. It led to a national debate and was brought to Congress in 2016. The documentary follows the path these students took in trying to "Change the Subject."

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"I was the beneficiary of a ton of support. I was the most-privileged underprivileged kid," Topiltzin says.

Irvin and TP Gomez's story of undocumented students becoming Ivy League graduates and successful adults captures the eye of media outlets locally and regionally.

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The Schuler program has literally changed the trajectory of our lives and our family’s life. - Irvin Gomez

Brothers Irvin and TP Gomez live the American Dream through hard work, perseverance and the support of family, educators and nonprofits like Schuler Scholar Program.

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I was able to develop a perspective of her I wouldn’t have developed otherwise.

Dalal Hassane, Maine East Sophomore Scholar got to interview former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton while she was in town for the premiere of a documentary of her early life growing up in Park Ridge.

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Something about Kennedy that spoke to us in her interview was her vision.

Kennedy Shanks, a Sophomore Scholar at Lindblom Math & Science Academy shares her story about being a Schuler Scholar and how she started her own nonprofit, Minorities, Speak Up!, with several news outlets throughout Chicago.

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The Schuler Scholar Program has really supported me with my education and with so many other things, including my mental health.

Lindblom Math and Science Academy Scholar, Kennedy Shanks, founded a nonprofit justice organization to provide a platform for youth to be able to talk about situations that happen in real life and showcase those conversations in visual ways, like music, dance, poetry and videography.

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So much of what we do begins with helping Schuler Scholars commit to the effort to get accepted into top colleges. From there you want them to believe that it will happen.

Forest & Bluff Magazine featured Jack as he is being honored as a Local Legend by the History Center of Lake Forest and Lake Bluff.

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