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Taylor Deatherage

Marketing Associate

After some years in the non-profit social work field, Taylor moved on to branding and marketing for small businesses - specifically those centered around pop culture. Now, six years later, she has found a position at Schuler - adding the organization to a list of clients (freelance and full-time) she has had ranging from handmade artisans to a large Chicago science fiction convention.

Taylor loves designing nerdy accessories and apparel as well as building her own costumes to wear to pop culture conventions.

"To a great mind, nothing is little." - Sherlock Holmes

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Audrey Knox

Audrey Knox

Senior Educational Counselor/Brookside Campus Lead
Waukegan High School

Matthew Godfrey

Senior STEM Program Associate
Gwen Jones

Gwen Jones

School Director
North Chicago Community High School

Jenna Rochelle

College Counselor
Senn High School