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Nina Mercado

Scholar Coach
Senn High School

Nina's passions are in disrupting Higher Educational barriers and creating opportunities for historically underrepresented communities by dismantling and navigating the endless routes of gatekeeping. She has been looking at Masters Programs in (Education Policy, Organization, and Leadership), EPOL, to get closer to this dream of creating a foundation for community members like herself, that not only focuses on students but their families navigate the process as well.

Nina loves traveling! She has understood the importance of exposure to the world and was granted opportunities to study both in Hamburg, Germany (in High School) as an exchange student and Dunedin, New Zealand (in College)- free of charge!!

"Shift away from 'always put yourself first' to 'remember yourself always,' There will be moments when situations ask you to consider more than just yourself. But you can always remember and take care of you.

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Brianna Powell

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