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Logan Shearer

College Counselor
Maine East High School

Logan's career in education started in Grinnell's Admissions Office, where he worked Admissions under a variety of roles as an undergraduate. After studying for a year in Russia and debating a career path in translation or academia, Logan decided to return to higher education administration as an admissions counselor for Bennington College. Throughout his experience at both schools, he most cherished  the opportunities to contribute to students' college search processes. After four years at Bennington, he decided to seek opportunities to work with students more closely in their college processes. Landing in college counseling was very intentional, and he's thrilled to be at Schuler.

Logan considers himself an amateur scholar of Emily Dickinson. There's so much to learn about her and from her!

"We play at Paste – Till qualified, for Pearl – Then, drop the Paste – And deem Ourself a fool – The Shapes, tho’, were similar, And our new Hands Learned Gem Tactics Practicing Sands –"

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