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Kunj Patel

STEM Program Associate
Maine East High School

Kunj Patel will graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Medicinal Chemistry in July 2022 from the Illinois Institute of Technology. He is also enrolled in the Lake Erie College of Medicine BS/DO (Bachelor of Science/Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine) early acceptance program and will pursue his medical education in Fall 2023. During his undergraduate career, he performed research on the application of Multifunctional Oxide Nanoparticles for medical imaging and Computationally Understanding the Heat Activation Mechanism of TRPV1, a protein responsible for sensory responses to taste and touch.

Kunj loves to travel, buy stocks, read science/medical journals, watch movies, play and watch basketball, play video games, chess, board games, coding.

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

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