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Aida has worked in informal education for several years in various nonprofit settings. She previously worked at Austin-based nonprofit Mobile Loaves and Fishes on a program to increase homelessness awareness, and at the Girl Scouts of Central Texas developing curricula in STEM and leadership development. She most recently worked at the Witte Museum in San Antonio, where she taught educational programs in natural history to school-aged children and to the general public.

She loves to bake, but she has never managed to make a cheesecake without a crack in the top.

"Empathy is step one in every interaction you have with another human being."

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Maeve Williams

Maeve Williams

Educational Counselor
Zion-Benton Township District 126
Elvis Tillett

Elvis Tillet

School Director
Round Lake High School

Kareem Mohammad

Reading Program Associate - South Region

Conor Hussey

Scholar Coach
Mundelein High School