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As a Schuler Scholar from Round Lake High School, Megan went on to graduate from Franklin & Marshall College in 2018. After graduation, Megan returned to Schuler as a Scholar Coach to give back to a community and program that was so important for their own personal journey and to inspire and lead the next generation of Scholars.

Outside of work, they like watching movies - Megan was a film major in college. Megan also likes reading books, a passion instilled in them when they were in high school. They also have a passion for dogs and cats.

"The Scholars really are the best part of the job."

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Norbert Austria

Norbert Austria

Educational Counselor
Round Lake High School

Kailee Traficante

Scholar Coach
Highland Park High School

Sara Garcia

Scholar Coach
North Chicago High School

Victoria DeFinis

Academic Instructional Manager
Lindblom Math & Science Academy