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In Ivette's junior year of undergrad, a friend asked her to help with a math tutoring session at the community partnership center since they were understaffed that day. She ended up working and talking with the high school students for 3 hours. Since then, she's been working in roles where she gets to engage with high school students in STEM topics. Prior to joining Schuler in July 2019, vette's last role was as the math tutor for a high school college access program in SoCal. Working with the future of the world keeps her young.

Ivette grew up in rural North Carolina and went to school near LA: She doesn't really have an opinion on the whole Best Coast vs. Beast Coast rivalry, but she can say which coast has the better seasons (and it's not the coast constantly threatened with earthquakes). Outside of work, Ivette enjoys her time like many other boring, young professionals: reading, writing, cooking, board gaming, stand up comedy watching, trivia night-ing, and the occasional long walking on the beach.

"The best choices are usually the scary choices. Growing, learning- all the good stuff- is pretty hard, huh? But we do it anyways." - Ivette's high school mentor

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