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Salvatore Daddario

Scholar Coach
Highland Park High School

Sal is first-generation college student from a rural town in Ohio. At Pomona College, he found a passion for teaching and mentoring other first-generation college students very early on. After taking organic chemistry, he worked with his professor to reformat the mentoring system so that it better served first-generation students. In doing this, he fell in love with education and spent the rest of his college career teaching and mentoring! He made the decision to work with Schuler because he wanted to dedicate time to teaching and mentoring and he thought that it would be awesome to work with high-achieving high school students - and it has been! He is currently applying to medical school and hopes to have a career where patient education and empowerment is central.

Outside of working at Schuler, Sal has been taking improv comedy courses (in LA and now in Chicago) and he recently joined a performance team! He also loves honey bees and ping pong.

"Every day, I am impressed by something that one of our Scholars says or does. I learn as much from them as they do from me!"

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