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April Johnson

Educational Counselor
Round Lake High School

April was a double major in Earth Science and Anthropology in college. She participated in lots of research during her time at Dartmouth. After conducting an independent project on geochemical research, April discovered that the more fulfilling part of her college career was being a Teaching Assistant and leading lab sections in introductory classes. This realization made her want to pursue a future career path focused on education and equity. Being a Schuler Scholar herself, she knew that a great place to start would be to give back to community that has done so much for her. She is passionate about STEM education and ensuring STEM access to those who often do not see themselves represented in STEM fields.

April loves stories regardless of their form either in novels, television or anime! She also enjoys being creative in her free time by drawing. She is a huge rock nerd and loves to go on hikes and walks on the beach to collect rocks.

"Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge" -Carl Sagan

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