The Philadelphia Center Spotlight - Safa Ahmed


Each year the College and Alumni Program selects a group of College Scholars to participate in the Philadelphia Center’s summer internship experience. The Philadelphia Center’s off-campus study program offers Scholars with the opportunity to gain college credit while living and learning independently. They are able to explore career paths through real-world applications and rigorous, seminar-style courses. Each week we will share thoughts from our Scholars who participated.

Name: Safa Ahmed

College: Hamilton College

Year in College: Rising Sophomore

There was a lot that I learned from the seminar. The concepts that I was exposed to were ones that I had never really thought about before. I learned how to treat my work environment as a classroom and learn from it. Additionally, a key aspect of our class was learning how to critique. At first, this was a skill that did not come naturally to me. Growing up, I was always taught to believe what I was being told by those in authority and to not question it. Critiquing seemed to be the opposite of that since it involved questioning and challenging. But when I learned how to critique, it gave me power. In other words, critiquing gave me power by helping me acknowledge the flaws at my work environment that existed way before I got there.

My internship has allowed me to grow emotionally as a person, and to learn to be more secure about myself. Also, I learned that I do want to pursue dentistry and I will take more steps in the future to do that, such as shadowing at more practices, studying for the DAT, getting the course requirements done, and connecting with more dentists and dental students. Additionally, I learned a lot about living in a city, for example, how to use public transportation, what to do for fun, and etc. I can see myself living in a city in the future because I enjoyed how much there was to do there. I believe that I have learned a lot from this program that will benefit me in the future.

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