The Philadelphia Center Spotlight: Evelyn Torres


Each year the College and Alumni Program selects a group of College Scholars to participate in the Philadelphia Center’s summer internship experience. The Philadelphia Center’s off-campus study program offers Scholars with the opportunity to gain college credit while living and learning independently. They are able to explore career paths through real-world applications and rigorous, seminar-style courses. Each week we will share thoughts from our Scholars who participated.

Name: Evelyn Torres

College: Lycoming College

Year in College: Rising Junior

My internship at Team Clean in Philadelphia and my seminar with The Philadelphia Center was a worthwhile experience. As an accounting major, I was given the opportunity to learn a lot of accounting skills that ranged from basic application to difficult and developing concepts. I worked with Team Clean, a minority organization founded by an African American woman, Mrs. Donna Allie. The office staff is very diverse in ethnicity, and they handle around 300 to 400 employees. The environment that I was placed in was adequate to allow my accounting skills to further develop

This summer internship has been a wonderful experience for me. Dr. Mark Clark is an excellent professor and mentor to have. I learned so much from him in class and outside. I have finally decided what I want to do once I graduate from Lycoming College which is public accounting. I would like to express how thankful I am that The Schuler Program, my second family, was able to provide me with this opportunity. I am very grateful for everything that Schuler has taught and done for me.



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