Cristo Rey St. Martin Scholars and Families Gather in Celebration


On January 10, CRSM Scholars and their families came together for their 2nd Annual Family Potluck. The event was very successful! Over 100 individuals gathered for a night of delicious food, a game of bingo, raffles and cupcakes.

Not only was the Family Potluck a success, but the team at CRSM like to think that it was one of the best potlucks to date and here is why:

1. Prior to the start of the event, a few Scholars volunteered to set up the event and transform the cafegymatorium. They helped sweep the floors, wipe the tables, and cover the tables with blue table cloth. By the time the parents arrived, the space was more than ready for Scholars and their families to share a meal and celebrate the Schuler community.

2. The abundance of tasty entrees included flautas de pollo, arroz mexicano, pollo en mole, guisado de puerco, tostada de pollo, spaghetti, pizza, fruit salads, chips, and many more.

3. Freshman Scholars, out of their own will, recruited one another and persuaded each other to take a class picture at the photo booth. It was even more amazing seen parents of the Freshman Scholars taking pictures of this moment.

4. The Freshman Scholar’s idea of taking a class picture later inspired the idea of taking a picture of all Scholars standing side by side, no matter their class year. Though we had a few Scholars missing, it was such an amazing feeling to see our Scholars together in one place.

5. Towards the end of the event, as Scholars and their families were saying goodbye, one of the Freshman Scholars recruited all of the Schuler Staff members with the purpose of taking a picture of them and saying thank you for hosting such event.

Overall, while we like to think our Family Potluck is the best, it is great to acknowledge that every Family Potluck is the best in their unique way. Across the Schuler High Schools, Family Potlucks provide Scholars and their families as well as the Schuler Team with an opportunity to celebrate the Schuler community and focus on creating fun memories. 

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