Class of 2016 Matriculation List


May 1 marks an important day of the year for college-bound high school seniors across the nation. By May 1, also known as National College Decision Day, seniors must accept an offer of admission and send a deposit to the school of their choice.

For Schuler Scholars it is an especially exciting time since many will be the first in their families to attend college – and not just any college – these students will attend some of the most selective colleges and universities in the nation!

Today we applaud their hard work, perseverance and success and celebrate with them as they take this next step in their lives. Congratulations Schuler Class of 2016!

The Schuler Scholar Program Class of 2016 matriculation list:

Scholar Name High School College
Griffin, Tyra CICS Ralph Ellison Muhlenberg College
Ray, Kendreanna CICS Ralph Ellison Dickinson College
Tribble , Monique  CICS Ralph Ellison Earlham College
Arnold, Levelle Collins Academy Muhlenberg College
Coulter, Carolyn  Collins Academy Kalamazoo College
Graham, De'Andra D Collins Academy Beloit College
Martins, Tia Nicole Collins Academy Kalamazoo College
McCoy, Delanie Collins Academy Furman University
Juett, Kala Cristo Rey St. Martin  Duke University
Quintana, Omar Highland Park HS Babson College
Ramirez, Hary Highland Park HS Augustana College
Rodriguez, Lesley Highland Park HS Grinnell College
Bogdan, Patricia Maine East HS Emory University
Celjo, Dzenan Maine East HS Colgate University
Gutierrez, Miguel Maine East HS Lehigh University
Jarzabek, Emily Maine East HS Boston University
Parikh, Riya Maine East HS Gettysburg College
Patel, Anisha Maine East HS University of Richmond
Patel, Nittu Maine East HS Clark University
Payne, Arianne Elena Maine East HS Elon University
Sak, Sebastian Maine East HS Tufts University
Badie, Keionna North Chicago HS Ohio Wesleyan University
Balderas, Alondra North Chicago HS Lewis & Clark College
Garcia, Jose North Chicago HS DePauw University
Hartley, Jevaughn North Chicago HS Carleton College
Mejias, Juan Pablo North Chicago HS Muhlenberg College
Olvera, Alexander North Chicago HS Wesleyan University
Rodriguez, Anthony North Chicago HS Colorado College
Stewart, Darius North Chicago HS Emory University
Alvarez Juarez, Alondra Round Lake HS Dickinson College
Burgess, Jarrett E. Round Lake HS Marquette University
Flores, Deissy Round Lake HS Clark University
Frank, Sheridan Round Lake HS Bates College
Garcia, Albert Jahen Round Lake HS Lafayette College
Gomez, Jr., Alberto Round Lake HS College of the Holy Cross
Gomez, Melissa Round Lake HS Kalamazoo College
Guo, Tara Round Lake HS Amherst College
Hohs, Brandon J. Round Lake HS Denison University
Landa, Alondra Round Lake HS Beloit College
Martin, Cristina Round Lake HS Macalester College
Nunez, Gerardo Round Lake HS Gettysburg College
Perez, Mayra Round Lake HS Claremont McKenna College
Salguero, Ariana Round Lake HS Vassar College
Tith, Joseph Round Lake HS Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Torres, Angelica Round Lake HS DePauw University
Torres, Evelyn Round Lake HS Lycoming College
Austria, Neal Warren Township HS Denison University
Braza, Kerr Warren Township HS Colgate University
Clayborne-Davis, Kendra Warren Township HS Kenyon College
Colcol, Darryl Warren Township HS Carleton College
Delgado, Jaime Alex Warren Township HS Wake Forest University
Flores, Cesar Warren Township HS Dickinson College
Garcia, Nidiyare Warren Township HS Lawrence University
Jack, Nkese Warren Township HS Occidental College
Johnson, April Warren Township HS Dartmouth College
Lin, Kelly Warren Township HS University of Rochester
Martinez, Elisa Warren Township HS Dickinson College
Mkrtchian, Armina Warren Township HS Kalamazoo College
Ortiz, Ruby Warren Township HS Muhlenberg College
Rajan, Melwin Warren Township HS Villanova University
Reyes-Guzman, Alfredo Warren Township HS Pomona College
Rodriguez, Jessica Warren Township HS Whitman College
Sanchez, Michelle Warren Township HS Muhlenberg College
Santos, Thomas Warren Township HS Franklin and Marshall College
Seo, Han Ju Warren Township HS Washington University in St. Louis
Thompson, Tanner Warren Township HS Vanderbilt University
Arias, Stephanie Waukegan HS Hamilton College - NY
Luu, Michelle Waukegan HS Haverford College
Pratt, Alaysha M Waukegan HS Grinnell College
Our first class of North Chicago Community High School Scholars announce their college decisions.

Our first class of North Chicago Community High School Scholars announce their college decisions.

Sweet treats are in store for our Waukegan High School and Cristo Rey St. Martin Prep Scholars this Decision Day.

Sweet treats are in store for our Waukegan High School and Cristo Rey St. Martin Prep Scholars this Decision Day.

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