Schuler Scholar Program Suspends Program at Collins Academy High School


After careful consideration, the Schuler Scholar Program (SSP) program at Collins Academy High School has decided to suspend its program.  While, for the time being, no new classes of Schuler Scholars will be selected, current Scholars who remain in good standing with the SSP at Collins will continue to receive support and will engage in Schuler programming throughout high school and college.  Schuler staff will continue to work with the Scholars, their families and the Collins faculty. 

 The decision to suspend the program was made after the SSP determined that the pool of qualified applicants for the SSP at Collins was not large enough from which the SSP could recruit a full class of Schuler Scholars.  The SSP is hopeful that in future years the applicant pool at CAHS will grow, thus enabling the SSP to relaunch at Collins.

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