Class of 2013 College Matriculation List

In celebration of National Candidates Reply Day, May 1, we are pleased to announce the colleges that our Class of 2013 Scholars will attend in the fall. Congratulations to all of our seniors on your hard work!

Scholar High School College/University
Brian Acosta WTHS Swarthmore College
Jessi Aguilar WHS Bucknell University
Norbert Austria WTHS DePauw University
Lorena Aviles WTHS Harvard College
Taylor Banszewski RLHS Middlebury College
Maria Cadena RLHS Franklin and Marshall
Kelly Campos WHS Conneticut College
Andrea Cardenas WHS Bates College
Gabriela Castillo RLHS Occidental College
Sze Cheng WTHS Lafayette College
Gina Ciobanu WTHS Bates College
Oscar Cornejo WTHS Dartmouth College
Yarisamar Cortez HPHS Bates College
Kaley Daleske WHS Dartmouth College
Eileen Fordham HPHS Grinnell College
Candy Gonzalez WHS Smith College
Christopher Hoeflinger WTHS Lafayette College
Marisol Izoteco HPHS Conneticut College
Rebecca Kempf WHS Rhodes College
Kamila Lada RLHS Mount Holyoke College
Wesley Layug WHS Wesleyan University
Erika Marmol WTHS Tufts University
Alejandro Martinez WHS Washington University in St. Louis
Karina Martinez WHS Knox College
Alyssa McGruder WTHS Vanderbilt University
Natalia Nevarez RLHS Lafayette College
Daniel Ocampo HPHS Pitzer College
Micaela Osuji WTHS Harvard College
Jennifer Panaguiton WHS Kenyon College
Emma Partyka WHS Goucher College
Josue Pasillas WHS Pitzer College
Maria Pettis WHS Pomona College
Lissette Ramirez WHS Smith College
Vanessa Ramirez WHS Denison University
Emonii Robinson WHS Smith College
Brenda Rogel-Perez WHS Knox College
Rodrigo Rogel-Perez WHS Conneticut College
Kimberly Rojas-Hernandez WTHS Pomona College
Jayvee Salunga WTHS Wesleyan University
Amy Sanchez WHS Illinois Wesleyan University
Hugo Sanchez WHS Amherst College
Jimmy Sanchez WHS Conneticut College
Jocelyn Santiago WHS Wellesley College
Tyrone Scafe WHS Williams College
I'mani Sellers WHS University of Pennsylvania
Lametrice Taylor WTHS Xavier University of Louisiana
Manuel Tenorio WHS Lafayette College
Brianna Tobias WHS Washington University in St. Louis
Veronica Torruco HPHS Smith College
Ginell Turner WTHS American University
Amy Valencia WTHS Colorado College
Christian Zavala WHS
Bates College