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PRESS RELEASE: CICS Ralph Ellison Partners with Schuler Scholar Program, Offering Motivated, Underserved Students a Competitive Advantage in College and Life
Acceptance into Program Earns CICS Ralph Ellison Schuler Scholars a “Once-in-a-Lifetime” Opportunity

CHICAGO – April 9, 2013: This spring, 20 incoming students at CICS Ralph Ellison, a college preparatory charter high school in Chicago’s Auburn Gresham neighborhood, will be selected by the renowned Schuler Scholar Program. This partnership, representing Schuler Scholar Program’s ninth high school collaboration, will give the Schuler program participants at CICS Ralph Ellison an additional leg up in their academic pursuits through rigorous programming and generous scholarships.

The Schuler Scholar program invests approximately $8,900 each year per student for programming during high school to get them well-prepared for college; it also provides $1,000 college scholarships each year. Students also benefit from leadership and personal development activities, along with summer college visits and classes.

“Our partnership with CICS represents an exciting opportunity to help first-generation college bound students from Chicago matriculate into the nation’s most selective colleges. By providing academic support, college counseling, exposure, and much more, the Schuler Scholar Program and CICS will help young people overcome the barriers their families have faced for generations, and will allow the students to be highly successful in choosing their future paths,” shares Schuler Executive Director Candace Browdy.

After a rigorous application process, 10 high-achieving CICS 8th graders from four CICS elementary campuses have already been accepted into the program, which will commence as they begin their freshman year at CICS Ralph Ellison. These scholars hail from CICS Basil, CICS Prairie, CICS Washington Park and CICS Wrightwood. A second round of applications will be reviewed in the coming months.

“We simply cannot wait to welcome our freshman class into our campus community this fall, including our impressive cadre of Schuler Scholars,” says CICS Ralph Ellison director Kim Hinton. “While CICS Ralph Ellison remains open to all who apply and live in the city of Chicago, we are so grateful to be honored with the additional opportunity for highly motivated students to take advantage of the Schuler partnership. We believe the Schuler program will enhance students’ lives in ways they and their families never imagined.”

As the program participants progress through CICS Ralph Ellison, they must continue demonstrating high achievement, receiving A’s and B’s in their classes and achieving high standardized assessment results. Remaining steadfast in their commitment to being the best that they can be will have a long-lasting impact on their futures.


The mission of CICS is to provide, through innovation and choice, an attractive and rigorous college-preparatory education that meets the needs of today’s students. CICS was founded on the belief that every child has the right to a high quality education and currently operates a network of 16 campuses serving 9,250 K-12 students across the city of Chicago, and one campus in Rockford. For more information, please visit

CICS Ralph Ellison offers high school students (9-12) a college preparatory education emphasizing rigor, relevance, and responsible leadership, which provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in college and careers. CICS Ralph Ellison is located at 1817 W. 80th Street in Chicago. The campus is managed by Civitas Schools, a School Management Organization that works diligently to create robust learning communities.


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