Schuler Musings

A Letter to the Schuler Staff

By 06/04/2013 by David McClelland, WHS Class of 2011, MIT Class of 2015 When I started at MIT, the gap between high school Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology and the MIT equivalent was huge. During my freshman year, it was a struggle to understand the material in much greater depth than what my high school classes taught me. I heard things I had never heard before, was expected to instantly understand…Read more

Always Personal Best

By 10/25/2012 By Candace Browdy, Executive Director In September the MDRC released another evaluation of the controversial Opportunity NYC-Family Rewards program, a comprehensive conditional cash transfer program launched in 2007 in which low-income parents and their teenage students (most of whom scored at the proficient level on baseline tests) were offered cash incentives to attend school and pass exams. It…Read more

North Chicago Scholars reflect on their Camp Manito-wish experiences

By 09/20/2012 In early August, North Chicago Community High School ninth grade Scholars received their introduction to the Schuler Scholar Program by traveling to Camp Manito-wish. Here are a few of their thoughts on the camp experience: "Camp Manito-wish really changed me. It developed my leadership skills. It also made me really appreciate everything in life. Camp challenged me, from climbing a 35 foot pole…Read more

Making Choices

By Eduard Ciobanu 10/27/2011 This summer I was invited to attend a 5-week summer program at Williams College, which is where I will be attending in the fall.  Only 18 students were chosen based on a lottery.  I had been notified that during the initial selection, I was not chosen, but that if anyone declined there would be another drawing to fill the spot.  I was chosen the second time and I knew I had to go.  However, the…Read more

The American Dream

By 10/27/2011 Leafing through the countless assignments from eighth grade, I stumble upon one that I am very fond of. Written in pencil at the top of the page, the prompt, “What does the American dream mean to you?” A combination of pride, happiness and sadness fills my mind as I begin reading. While reading what is scribbled upon the wide ruled page, I can see many things that have changed. My penmanship,…Read more

Life Long Learning

By Maria Hernandez 10/27/2011 When I was six years old, the dirt that my aunts and parents meticulously collected and packaged made an amazing playground for my brother and me. Every Saturday we explored the forest for many hours collecting soil, which we would sell as fertilizer door to door at five pesos per seven kilos. After gathering soil in a chosen site, we had to look for another fertile location. One day, as we walked…Read more