Schuler Musings

From Scholar Coach to "Corporate Life"

By Claire Reeder 01/13/2015 As my term of service as an AmeriCorps volunteer with Schuler came to a close in the summer of 2013, I reached out to my friends, my college alumni network, my LinkedIn network, and probably to a few random job postings, just for good measure. The search for “what’s next?” kicked into full gear. It helped to look around and learn from my Scholar Coach colleagues who were going through the same…Read more

Learning about Environmental Stewardship with the Center for Conservation Leadership

By Schuler Scholar Program 10/06/2014 Over the past three summers, several Schuler Scholars have participated in the Center for Conservation Leadership (CCL) Program, a year-long environmental education program through the Lake Forest Open Lands Association. The program begins with a Summer Experience at a destination familiar to Schuler Scholars: Camp Manito-wish YMCA in the North Woods of Wisconsin, the same leadership camp they attend…Read more

With, Not For: Community Service in Ghana

By Zorica Radanovic 09/19/2014 It’s surreal to think that this past summer, I would wake up to a rooster crowing, step out of the bunks at “the Yard” and look past the tall plantain trees to see the waves of the Gulf of Guinea crashing so gracefully on the shore five minutes down a hill from where I was standing. Ghana is an extremely beautifully place, from the intricate kente weaving to the constant dancing and celebration…Read more

Demisha Lee Featured in NACAC Member Spotlight

By Schuler Scholar Program 07/17/2014 Demisha Lee, the Schuler Scholar Program Director of College Counseling, was chosen as the July Member Spotlight for the bulletin of the National Association for College Admissions Counseling (NACAC). Read her interview here: Demisha Lee…Read more

Jack Schuler's Remarks at the Harvard Club Annual Award Dinner

By 05/08/2014 April 12, 2014 -- Upon receiving one of two annual awards from the Harvard Club of Chicago, Schuler Scholar Program founder Jack Schuler delivered remarks on the challenges of K-12 education in America as well as inspiring success stories from the program. Read Mr. Schuler's remarks to learn about three incredible Schuler Scholars: Alicia Adams, a future medical doctor and graduate of Waukegan High…Read more

Why Private Colleges and Universities?

By 02/18/2014 Did you know that Demisha Lee, the SSP's Director of College Counseling, has over 16 years of experience in selective college admissions, college counseling and student affairs? She puts her knowledge to work daily in her position with the SSP and last week shared her insights with the readers at First Generation Student. Demisha's article, "Why Private Colleges and Universities Are a Better Fit than…Read more

Where I Belong

By Kimberly Rojas-Hernandez 10/25/2013 In a little under two months, I have started to realize the beauty that college holds: having engaging discussions, caroling Les Mis through the halls, learning piano, expressing my love for oatmeal, growing in my faith, “treating yo’self,” journaling in the quad, embarking on the vegetarian challenge, having a paint fight, going to my first college sporting event, sitting in recycling bins,…Read more