Schuler Musings

STEM Day 2016

By 03/07/2016 By Kip Gasper  At Schuler, we understand the importance and value of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields in today’s society and giving our Scholars access to explore STEM has always been one of our priorities. On Saturday, February 27, Schuler Scholars across all of our partnership High Schools participated in our second annual STEM Day at Maine East High School. While the…Read more

College Connections volunteers weigh in on the importance of mentors

By 01/21/2016 For Mentor Appreciation Day 2016, we asked our College Connections Mentors to weigh in on the importance of mentors in their life and why they chose to give back through the Schuler Scholar Program. Here is what they had to say: Why did you decide to join the Schuler College Connections Mentoring Program? Jon: My answer at its' simplest form, is that I felt strongly connected to the mission of the…Read more

Alicia Adams speech at a dinner honoring the Schuler high school graduation class of 2015

By Schuler Scholar Program 07/23/2015 Alicia Adams, WHS ‘07, Brown University ’11, The Medical College at Rush University ’15 delivered a thoughtful speech at a dinner honoring the Schuler high school graduation class of 2015. Read the speech below in its entirety. I have been thinking a lot about my high school graduation since I was asked to speak here tonight. I remember lots of little things, like reading Dr. Seuss’ “Oh,…Read more

Cool Schools: Grinnell College

By Gabrielle Mercado 04/21/2015 Gabrielle Mercado, a graduate of Warren Township High School, wrote this piece about Grinnell College for Schuler's Cool Schools initiative. Schuler Scholars submitted stories and highlights of their college experiences, and their stories were turned into posters for our high school resource rooms. Thank you, Gabby, for sharing your love of Grinnell! Hi! My name is Gabby and I am currently a third…Read more

Cool Schools: Pitzer College

By Allisyn Ruttle 04/07/2015 There’s something exciting about applying to nine colleges and being able to picture yourself at every single one of them. I didn’t apply to any schools “early decision” like all of my friends, and it was confusing feeling like I was the only one that wasn’t sure. After years of my education being laid out for me, having so many options was daunting, but exciting nonetheless. When I was accepted…Read more

The Heritage Board: Celebrating Multicultural Community

By Schuler Scholar Program 02/24/2015 A version of this piece was originally published in the Schuler family newsletter at Highland Park High School. In Schuler, we are lucky enough to be part of an inclusive, multicultural community. Everyone’s heritage, language, culture, families, and traditions are unique. In the Schuler room, we have created a bulletin board to honor those experiences and stories. Every three weeks, we highlight…Read more

My Experience as a College Connections Coach

By Tiffany Stallone 01/27/2015 As someone who has always enjoyed connecting with others and working with adolescents, I feel so lucky to have found the opportunity to volunteer with the Schuler Scholar Program as a College Connections Coach. In this role, I am mentoring an outstanding and inspiring young woman, Judy Glikberg, for the next four years as she pursues her college degree. Judy graduated from Maine East High School in…Read more