The Heritage Board: Celebrating Multicultural Community

By Schuler Scholar Program 02/24/2015

A version of this piece was originally published in the Schuler family newsletter at Highland Park High School.

In Schuler, we are lucky enough to be part of an inclusive, multicultural community. Everyone’s heritage, language, culture, families, and traditions are unique. In the Schuler room, we have created a bulletin board to honor those experiences and stories. Every three weeks, we highlight different students and staff, and they have the opportunity to share part of their heritage. Below are excerpts from several students’ heritage board displays.

Nomin, Class of 2015:

"Each year at the beginning of February, we celebrate Mongolian New Year or Tsagaan Sar in Mongolian. It consists of three days filled with delicious food, gathering with all of our family, and starting off the year on a good note…Even though I haven't returned to visit Mongolia in a while, I always feel right back at home when I celebrate these holidays with my family, who I love very much."

Alex, Class of 2016:

"At home, our family speaks Russian exclusively. Although English comes more naturally to me at this point in my life, it feels strange and alien to say anything English to my parents. It brings a sense of belonging that could not be felt in any different situation…With the ability to speak read and write Russian, I have acquired a second personality of myself, one that brings me closer to my heritage."

Jazmin, Class of 2018:

"A tradition that my family and I love is El Dia De Los Muertos, which is a holiday that we celebrate every year on November 1st and it ends on the 2nd. To set this up, all our family comes over and they plan everything out like who brings el pan de muñeca y muñeco, candles, table cloth, salt, water, another bread named el pan de muerto, fruit, flowers, and pictures of the people that died in your family. It can also be friends…I really love this tradition because it's a little celebration for the dead. It is like they are still with you, and it makes them feel like they are never going to be forgotten."

Nabor, Class of 2015:

"From my experience as well as attending my Spanish classes I have learned a lot about my culture. The most important thing to know about my culture is that there’s a bigger significance than what meets the eye when we take a look at the food, the literature, and the music. Let's take, for example, a traditional food that is eaten like Mole, which is a thick, chocolate sauce that has a very important background. This type of sauce was only given to royal people like gods or people with a high ranking. Now, many families that are from Mexico make it very often but it's more common for people to make it at special events."


The Heritage Board hangs in the HPHS Schuler room.

The Heritage Board hangs in the HPHS Schuler room.

Creative Scholar Coaches at HPHS keep the resource room bright with a variety of interesting boards and pictures.

Creative Scholar Coaches at HPHS keep the resource room bright with a variety of interesting boards and pictures.

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