Where I Belong

By Kimberly Rojas-Hernandez 10/25/2013

In a little under two months, I have started to realize the beauty that college holds: having engaging discussions, caroling Les Mis through the halls, learning piano, expressing my love for oatmeal, growing in my faith, “treating yo’self,” journaling in the quad, embarking on the vegetarian challenge, having a paint fight, going to my first college sporting event, sitting in recycling bins, spending long nights writing essays, doing animal impersonations, soaking up the California sun, wearing beanies, hosting prospective students, sharing my story, and learning from the brilliant people surrounding me.

These are the moments worth cherishing. I can’t help feeling overwhelmed by the amount of love around me that I’ve felt so far at Pomona. I’ve met people who I look forward to seeing every day, who have shown me new perspectives, and who I could no longer imagine my life without. I’ve found myself many times in tears thinking about how blessed I am to have friends who care, a family that loves me, and a God who watches over me every day of my life.

I’ve quickly grown to love Pomona College so much as to call it my new “home.” And to know that I have four years at this wonderful place leaves me speechless. To say that I’m happy is an understatement. I’m humbled to be part of this community where I will grow as a learner and human being. All that I’ve been through up to this moment has been worth it. I have no regrets; this is where I belong.

Kimberly Rojas-Hernandez graduated from Warren Township High School in 2013. She is a first-year at Pomona College in Claremont, California.

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