Schuler Coaches My Kind of Reality Stars


By Judy Masterson/Lake County News-Sun Go comb out your poof, Snooki, cause you got nothin’ to say. The star of reality TV’s “Jersey Shore” told a reporter last summer that she has only read two books in her life. Duh. I have a better idea for a reality show. It would still throw together young, toned, talented adults. But they wouldn’t be given to tantrums, rants and drunken pratfalls. They would, instead, be literate, thoughtful, and intelligent. They would care about others, even when they were soaking in a hot tub. My reality show…Read more

They Understand Us


By Judy Masterson/Lake County News-Sun When Waukegan High School student Marycarmen Flores was struggling to understand the concept of a geometry proof, let alone solve one, she might have given up in despair. Instead, she turned to her coach. “He was a math and science genius,” Flores said. “He was very patient. He showed me ways to remember.” Schuler Scholar coach Chirag Parikh has since moved on — he’s now in medical school — but the students he spent two years helping to do their best, pushing to achieve their best, will never…Read more

Scholars compete for the Schuler Cup

Scholars compete for the Schuler Cup