North Chicago students celebrate 100% college acceptance

April 28, 2016

LAKE FOREST, IL: Three North Chicago Community High School (North Chicago, IL) students were accepted to all of the highly selective, private colleges and universities to which they applied.

“I feel proud that I am going to college and that I have my pick of colleges,” says Darius Stewart, class valedictorian at North Chicago, who is currently deciding between Emory University and the Washington University in St. Louis. Fellow peers, Jevaughn Hartley and Anthony Rodriguez, share in his excitement. 

“Colorado College was one school that I fell in love with from the beginning, but I was nervous since their admission rate was around 17 percent last year,” reflects Anthony Rodriguez. “At first I thought it had been a miracle that I got in, but then it dawned on me, I had poured my heart into the application, I had participated in everything I could in high school and I realized I got in because of my hard work and resolve.” Rodriguez will be the first in his family to go to college.

The seniors credit their success to the Schuler Scholar Program, which helps high-potential yet under-served students gain access to and succeed at highly selective colleges and beyond. “I am not a confident person and I was anxious throughout the college application process,” says Jevaughn Hartley. “I am grateful that the Schuler staff was there to help me through everything, to push and support me, and I fully believe that they played an integral part in helping me attend a top-tier institution.”

For Schuler Scholars and their families, the college counseling process begins as soon as Scholars are selected for the program, which happens in the spring of their 8th grade year. Each Scholar and their family meets regularly with a Schuler college counselor who is based at their high school to discuss colleges that best match the Scholar’s interests, academic ability and of course financials.

“At Schuler we understand that selective colleges and universities are not always able to reach the population we serve,” states Candace Browdy, Executive Director at the Schuler Scholar Program. “So we work hard to help admissions representatives connect with these talented and qualified students who end up flourishing at the colleges.” About 88 percent of Schuler Scholars graduate from college in four years compared to the 6-year U.S graduation rate of 59 percent (U.S. Dept. of Education, 2013).

Nearly all Schuler Scholars are first-generation college students, and more than 80 percent come from minority populations that are underrepresented on college campuses. Of Scholars who complete the high school program, 100 percent go on to competitive private colleges and receive, on average, over $50,000 in annual, non-loan financial aid from the colleges that they attend. 

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