Family Involvement

An important part of helping high-achieving, under-represented students successfully obtain a degree from a top college is ensuring that they receive support from a wide network, including their families. For this reason, Schuler families are essential partners in Schuler’s work, and the Schuler team has developed a series of goals for Schuler family programs.

The main goal of Schuler family programs is to communicate effectively with families of Scholars about the Schuler Scholar Program’s mission and programs. Scholars are most successful when there is clear, relevant, and consistent communication between Schuler staff and Scholars’ families. This means that families understand the Schuler mission, are informed about Schuler programs in a timely and effective manner, and understand the purpose of Schuler programs as they relate to the mission.

The Schuler Scholar Program is committed to creating an engaged community of Schuler families while keeping in mind that every family is unique and will participate in the Schuler community in different ways. The program’s aim is to create and nurture a community in which families know how they can take an active role in supporting their Scholar’s education and in which they feel supported by and connected to the Schuler Scholar Program.

Schuler staff members are continually working to develop ways to communicate with Schuler families more effectively and to engage them in supporting Scholars. If you are a Schuler family member and would like to learn more about how you can participate in your Scholar's Schuler experience, please contact your school’s Educational Counselor or School Director for more information.