Wesley Varughese

Warren Township High School, Class of 2012
Lawrence University, Class of 2016

Wesley was born in Waukegan, IL to parents who emigrated from India to the United States. He graduated from Warren Township High School in Gurnee, IL in 2012 as one of the salutatorians of his class. Wesley is a first generation college student.

Wes was very active student at Warren Township High School. As an athlete, musician, student, and campus leader, he made sure he did what he could to dip his feet into everything possible while gaining experience to find out what he loved most. At Warren, he was on the volleyball, cross country, and track and field teams. Wes is also very active in his church. He has been singing, playing guitar and piano for the church choir since a young age. Through the Schuler Scholar Program, Wes was able to enroll in an international law course at Boston University in the summer of 2010. The following summer, Wes was able to volunteer at his grandfather’s hospital in Kerala, India. By the beginning of his senior year, Wes was elected President of Warren’s National Honor Society.

Wesley now attends Lawrence University in Appleton, WI and is a rising junior. He is pursuing a major in Government with a focus on International Relations, along with a major in Spanish. Wesley will continue his studies abroad in the fall at the University of Granada in Spain for four months. He will take courses in Latin American diplomacy, intern at a local NGO, and gain a better understanding of Spanish civilization and culture. Wes loves travelling, and he says it’s his goal to travel to all seven continents before he graduates college – he’s already been to five.

At Lawrence, Wes has continued his aspirations for active involvement on campus. He is an active member in the on-campus student government and Habitat for Humanity chapter. Over the spring of 2013, he spent a week in Guatemala on a house building project with Habitat. At the beginning of his sophomore year, Wes was able to travel to Sierra Leone, Africa, where he set up a 30-laptop computer lab at Njala University with Project: Community Computers, based in Milwaukee, WI. He did the project along with KidsGive, a non-profit organization that provides educational opportunities to underprivileged youth in Sierra Leone. Wes now coordinates KidsGive on his campus. He will return to Sierra Leone in spring of 2015 to lead a group of 20 students from Lawrence as they go about research in their own various fields of study.

After his trip to Sierra Leone in December 2013, he then left immediately for a 10-day excursion to Israel with the Jewish National Fund. He travelled all the way from the north near Syria and Lebanon, to the West Bank towards Palestine, to the Mediterranean Sea, and to the Gaza Strip. He travelled on this journey with 20 fellow student leaders from across the nation. Wes had the opportunity to learn first-hand about Israeli-Palestinian relations, understand the biblical context of the region, and enjoy the world-class food of Israel.

For the summer of 2014, Wes secured an internship at the Office of the Public Defender for the Cook County Circuit Court in Chicago. He works directly with public defense attorneys reviewing Illinois’ statutes, examining video/audio evidence, and interviewing defendants. Wesley hopes to figure out his post-graduation plans in the upcoming year, but for now is interested in attending law school.

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