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Equipping bright, motivated youth with support to succeed at college and beyond

Our focus
Inspired, driven, smart, talented students
These are the qualities of a student on their way to an exceptional future. A high-quality education is the key to unlocking their full potential. For first generation students, students of color, and low-income students, the educational system presents challenges. These students, despite being high achievers, remain underrepresented at top colleges in the US. As part of the Schuler Program, students and their families gain a dedicated support team and resources-free of charge-throughout all four years of high school and beyond. As a result, our Scholars succeed at highly selective colleges and universities where they receive extensive financial support, cultivate connections with faculty and alumni, and land career-launching jobs upon graduation.
Our scholars are future leaders

Schuler has partnered with 1,800 Scholars and their families since 2001. Today, 94 percent of our Scholars complete an undergraduate degree at a highly selective college or university in six years. Alumni Scholars are becoming the leaders of the future. They are doctors, Fulbright Scholars, aeronautical engineers, and teachers. They are improving the quality of life for not only themselves, but the lives of their families and communities. We are proud to help unlock that potential.